Moisture Control

Almost every home or business has crawl spaces or unused areas that are perfect environments for fungus, termites and pests, all of which prefer warm, moist conditions. Leaving these areas unchecked and untreated can encourage infestation. Bug-Masters can identify, and apply moisture control solutions to these problem areas.

Moisture Control – Essential For Complete Pest Management

Small leaks, condensation, and periodic flooding create areas of excessive moisture in structures which are often unnoticed since they’re not plain sight. Even the best pest control efforts can be sabotaged if there are places in the building that create an inviting environment for pests, termites and dangerous mold to breed. Bug-Masters has the proper equipment to locate puddles of water, mildew, mold, deteriorated insulation, and other signs that there is a moisture control problem. We’re trained to look in places that many homeowners may not think would be an issue, and we make sure that our inspections and moisture control solutions are as thorough as possible. Some common moisture control treatments include installing a vapor barrier, fungi treatments via borates, and dehumidification system installation.

Moisture Control Isn’t Just About Crawl Spaces, Gutters Are Important Too.

A complete approach to moisture control does not end under your home or business. Accurate control of the rainwater from your roof to the ground helps prevent rain damage to your exterior, leaks to the interior, ground erosion, and can also keep insects from your basement or crawlspaces. Bug-Masters can professionally install Leaf Defier™ Gutter Protection, an open cell polyurethane insert, specially shaped and cut to fit, which will greatly enhance the performance and reliability of your existing gutters. With Leaf Defier™ water can get through but dirt, leaves and other materials that can cause damage cannot. The Leaf Defier™ system is affordable and will keep your gutters leaf and debris free even through the heaviest rain.

Effective, Affordable Moisture Control Solutions

Your home or business could be suffering from a moisture control problem right now that you are unaware of. Don’t wait to find out the hard way, let Bug-Masters perform a moisture control inspection. We’ll advise you on all problem areas we find, then recommended and perform appropriate treatment for any problem areas we find. Remember, the longer you let a moisture control problem go, the better a chance it will have to expand and become more costly to eliminate. We’re here to help!

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